Commercial law and contract law

For the sale of goods and services, we draft and negotiate contracts and terms of business with customers, suppliers or distribution partners. We support our clients in the development of distribution systems and the drafting of commission schemes and advise on all related legal issues. For example, we have provided the following services:

  • Consulting and drafting of contracts for the development of a distribution system for a manufacturer of IP telephones from the Ruhr area
  • Drafting sample customer contracts for a U.S. telecommunications company and its German subsidiary for the German market
  • Creating general terms and conditions for various industries: IT services, hardware and software supplies, fashion manufacturers, steel trading, packaging industry, factoring company
  • Drafting of agency agreements for various sectors: fashion manufacturers, watches and jewellery, steel trade
  • Drafting and negotiation of distribution and reseller agreements (VAR) for TC hardware and software deliveries
  • Defence against compensation claims pursuant to section 89 b of the German Commercial Code (Handelsgesetzbuch, HGB) for watch manufacturer, enforcement of corresponding claims for commercial agents
  • Drafting player consultancy contracts in the professional football sector
  • Drafting supplier agreements
  • Drafting manufacturing agreements

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